Benefits Hub is a Total Reward, Flexible Benefits and Holiday & Absence Management solution developed with the SME in mind.


Benefits Hub allows employers to communicate Total Rewards & Benefits online and offer Flexible (Cafeteria) Benefits/Discount Shopping to employees. We recognise the financial investment employers make to provide benefits for their staff, so we can now offer a way for employers to communicate their rewards at an affordable price.

Benefit Hub’s intuitive design enables easy management of employee benefit programs and simplifies holiday and absence approval and tracking, allowing the often stretched HR team to focus on other important personnel matters.

  • Personal Benefit Statements

    A Personal Benefit Statement provides employees with a summary of the overall value of their financial rewards such as base pay, incentives and employee benefits. Personal Benefit Statements can also be used to reinforce the communication of less tangible benefits such as work/life programs, learning and development and flexible work arrangements. Benefits Hub allows you to manage your benefits program, adding and removing benefits as and when required.

  • Flexible Benefits

    This is a great way to engage staff by allowing them to choose the benefits that mean most to them. This collaborative approach not only makes benefits accessible in a way that lets employees connect with their benefits and feel valued, but also supports staff recruitment, retention and motivation. The simple Shopping Basket and Checkout feature allows employees to purchase benefits in the same fashion that they are used to in online shopping sites.

  • Holiday and Absence Management

    Easily track and manage employees’ holidays, sick days or any other absence type with Benefits Hub’s intuitive approach. With 3 levels of users (admins, managers, employees) and the ability to create custom relationships (line-managers, senior managers, etc.), the solution is suitable for any hierarchical structure. Email notifications are sent to all designated users upon request, approval, rejection or cancellation. As all requests are submitted via the system, manual time-off processes and risk of human-errors are eliminated.

  • Lifestyle

    Single sign-on to Lifestyle to choose from more than 6,000 offers available across the UK. This platform is designed to give employees easy access to benefits and discounts.

  • Data & People Management

    Benefits Hub features a comprehensive administration area where data can be uploaded, reports generated and employee records viewed, edited or impersonated.

  • Branding, Theme and Content Management

    Benefits Hub allows reinforcement of corporate identity to employees with advanced branding facilities. Easily edit parts of the site, apply text and add documents at any time and stay in control.

  • News & Bulletins pushed to employees

    Benefits Hub allows you to message via the system in a secure environment all, or any group of, employees with regular updates, seasonal messages and tailored product launches. It’s the perfect tool for keeping employees up to date with company news and views.

  • Employee Surveys

    Easily draft and deliver employee surveys via our secure platform to capture employee feedback to product launches, news and views. Gauge interest in new benefits and events before “taking the plunge”.